I am no longer working actively in the petroleum industry. I provided geological well supervision consulting services from 2002 to 2014.

I completed my BSc in Geology at the University of Calgary in 2002. During my university studies I gained experience in petroleum exploration, working as a field assistant to Dr. Thomas Kubli on structural field studies for Husky Energy and Anderson Exploration; assisting Andrew Newson of Mooseoils; and working with the unconventional, northern and foothills asset teams at Suncor Energy as a research assistant to senior geologists.

In 2002, I began working with McGrath Resource Consultants providing wellsite supervision in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. I have supervised over 100 separate projects, including the longest reach well drilled in Western Canada.

I have worked throughout the WCSB on projects ranging from shallow vertical programs to high temperature, high pressure, structurally complex critical-sour exploration wells. I specialized in horizontal geo-steering through structurally complex zones.

Wellsite Supervision Experience:
  • Foothills Mississippian plays in the Cordel, Stolberg, Bighorn, Reilly, Moose, and Panther river fields. 
  • Foothills Triassic plays in the Cabin Creek field. 
  • Horizontal Cardium plays in the Cordel Field (Foothills) and Pembina Field. 
  • Horizontal Montney & Bluesky plays in the Fox Creek, AB area
  • Plains experience includes both vertical and horizontal programs in the Ft. St. John, Slave Lake, Rainbow Lake, Manning, Olds, Lloydminster, Pembina areas of Alberta and Kindersley, Shaunavon areas of Saskatchewan. 
  • Deep basin work in the zone between Grande Cache and Grande Prairie.
My clients include Husky, Suncor, Hunt, Vermilion, Apache, Crescent Point, Celtic, Star Point, Wave, and Wildstream.

Areas of expertise:
  • Structured Zones 
  • Deviated Wells 
  • Horizontal Wells (including long-reach HZ’s to 2000+m laterals) 
  • Geo-Steering from cuttings, gamma, ROP, and Gas 
  • Carbonate Analysis 
  • Forward prediction of borehole build & turn rates to meet regional & local structural trends. 
  • MWD / LWD 
  • Logging Supervision (including TLC runs and imaging tools) 
  • Log Interpretation 
  • PowerLog & PowerCurve Striplog / HZ log programs 
  • Multiple Brands of Hotwire & Infared gas detection units 
  • Pason, Chimo, and Ryan Rigwatch Drilling Software 
  • DST Supervision 
  • Coring Supervision & Core logging 
  • H2S / Critical Sour Wells 
  • Turbine Drilling 
  • Mud Motor (Positive Displacement Motor) and Rotary Steerable directional tools 
  • Nitrogen Injection (Multi-Phase Mud) Drilling 
  • Underbalanced Drilling 
  • HT / HP Zones 

Nabors 49 drilling for Suncor in the Panther River field. 

Related Work Experience:
Briggs Consulting Ltd. / McGrath Resource Consulting Ltd. (September 2002 to 2012)
Wellsite supervision, sample analysis, and horizontal section structural analysis.

Petro- Logic Consulting Ltd (September 2002 to December 2002)
Coal bed methane evaluation & coal gas desorbtion analysis.

TEK Consulting Ltd., Dr. Thomas Kubli (May 2002 to October 2002)
Contract involving structural analysis and regional correlation of Devonian formations.

Junior/ Assistant Geologist 

Suncor Energy Inc., Northern Asset Team (October 2001 to May 2002)
Responsibilities include all aspects of applications for continuation of expiring leases. This involves log and seismic interpretation, mapping, correlation of cross- sections, pressure data analysis, reserve estimation, review of land regulations, regional research, and report compilation.

Suncor Energy Inc., Foothills Asset Team (December 2001)
Fieldwork assignment involving all aspects of wellsite supervision. I was involved in gas detector set- up and maintenance, sample analysis, strip-log and geological report compilation, bit selection, well planning, and liaison with the office geologist and engineer.

Suncor Energy Inc., Unconventional Asset Team (April 2001 to October 2001)
Responsibilities included prospect evaluation in the foothills and plains areas of the WCSB, as well as international prospects in Australia and the US. This included the interpretation and correlation of a wide variety of geophysical logs, seismic interpretation, geological mapping, cross section creation from logs and seismic, reserve estimation, supervision of a drilling operation, and preparation of area evaluation reports.

Moose Oils, Andrew Newson (September 1999 to April 2001)
Responsibilities included: creating dipmeter plots, creating time sections, gathering and organizing data to be analyzed, map building, well site, field and area research, coordinating projects.

Anderson Exploration, Dr. T. Kubli (July to August 2000)
Responsibilities including: assisting with mapping, formation identification, identification of formation characteristics, navigation using compass, altimeter, and GPS, data entry, logistical set-up.

Husky Oil Operations, Dr. T. Kubli (August 1999)
Responsibilities included: assisting with mapping, formation identification, identification of formation characteristics, navigation using compass, altimeter, and GPS, data entry.

University of Calgary, D. Kirste (May - July 1999)
Responsibilities included: collection of gas samples from well sites, analysis of hydrocarbon and non hydrocarbon gas samples using gas chromatograph, preparation of written procedure for use of gas chromatograph, well site research.

Academic Education:
B Sc. Geology- University of Calgary, 1998- 2002

Including courses: Seismic Interpretation, Well Logging, Well Drilling and Completions, Advanced Structural Geology, Sedimentary Petrology, and Petroleum Geology.

Industry Courses: SIFT Course (through the CSPG), “Exploration Targets in the Foothills” (Andrew Newson and Deborah Sanderson), “Geology and Structure of the Cadomin-Luscar Coal Field” (Willem Langenburg), “Exploration Mapping, Contouring, and Data Interpretation” (Eric Dahlburg)